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About Corky and Mrs Corky


Corky's love for music started at a very young age when his parents got him a guitar. His dad, Mike, started taking him every weekend for lessons with Al Fiocchi. With the help of Al's lessons, Corky's love of music became a career.  Starting in the early 70s, he started tour around the country with numerous bands. Corky not only enjoys playing the "oldies" he also fights for them. He has worked tirelessly for Truth in Music. "This acts come in steal a groups name, gig, money and applause." 

Mrs Corky

Before she was Mrs Corky she met by Laurie. She first met Corky on April 1st, when she was only 14 years old. In July 1971, she official became Mrs Corky. A nurse during the day, at home with Corky she always shared his love of music. In the mid-1990s while Corky was on the radio, she stopped by to bring him coffee and ended up joining him on air. They have been doing The Time Machine together ever since. 

The Time Machine

After 45 plus years of marriage, Corky and Mrs Corky enjoy spending time together acting like teenagers on The Time Machine. The Time Machine takes them and the viewers back to the more carefree time of our childhoods.

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